Spring in Rome: 10 reasons to come to Rome in the spring

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Spring in Rome. Rome is wonderful and always worth a visit. But one season unfolds a very special magic in the Eternal City. I am talking about spring! In this article, I’ll give you 10 reasons why you should definitely visit Rome in the spring.

Spring Rome: 10 reasons why you should visit Rome in the spring

1. Spring in Rome means perfect weather for sightseeing

From late February to June, the temperatures in Rome are particularly mild. That’s why Rome offers perfect conditions for extended sightseeing tours in the spring, without having to sweat nor freeze.


As you may already know, Rome is wonderful to explore on foot. Strolling through the alleys, throwing some coins into the Trevi Fountain, an aperitif on the Campo dei Fiori or a picnic in the Villa Borghese are much more fun with spring weather and birds singing, right?

Another bonus: If you want to visit some of the most known churches, you do not have to worry about the dress code. Even though temperatures go up in spring, you will hardly walk around in very short pants, nor will it be hot enough to wear off-shoulder tops.

2. Spring in Rome: A low-budget and peaceful city trip

Spring in Rome is, except Easter and Pentecost, low season. Flights and hotels in the low season are often cheaper than during the peak season. Low season also means less tourists, less queueing and, finally, a more authentic picture of the city. Low season with low prices leaves more money for pizza and pasta.

Rome restaurant in spring

3. Spring in Rome means dolce vita on the streets and squares

Spring is the time of awakening! With the first rays of sunshine, nature awakens to new life, flowers start blooming, the trees sprout and with rising temperatures the mood automatically improves. People are drawn to the streets and squares, to parks and cafés. In Rome, I have always experienced this spring awakening particularly clearly, because life in Italy takes place much more on the piazza than in one’s home anyway.


So let’s go outside! Museums and churches do not run away. Sit on a park bench for a while, at a fountain, in a street café or on any small piazza and watch what is going on around you. My favorite spot is Piazza della Madonna dei Monti in the Monti district, not far from the Colosseum.

4. Relive film history: on a Vespa through Rome

If that is still not enough for you, you can rent a Vespa! Who does not want to feel like Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in the film romance “A heart and a crown” for once? Dolce Vita!


5. Rome in spring means time for artichokes

In March, the artichoke season begins in Rome. The green flowers of the thistle plants (in Italian: Carciofi) grown in the plains around Rome are now sold on the markets everywhere. They are part of the traditional Roman cuisine, and those who doubt that artichokes are a reason to visit Rome in the spring have simply never tried them.

Spring in Rome artichokes

Whether fried or with pasta, the Roman artichokes are very delicious and much more tender than other varieties. Typical are the Carciofi alla Giudia, that is Jewish style. In the ghetto around the synagogue you will find several restaurants offering kosher Jewish food. Try it!

6. Flower Power: Experience Rome in full bloom in spring

Spring and flowers belong together. That is no exception in Rome. If you want to experience Rome in full bloom, you must not miss spring. From mid-April to about mid-May, the well-known steps of Piazza di Spagna are richly decorated with azaleas.

On Pentecost Sunday, the event you should not miss is definitely the rose rain in the Pantheon: From over 40 meters high rose petals trickle through the opening in the dome of the Pantheon to symbolise the deployment of the Holy Spirit on Mary and the Apostles.


Wildflowers like poppies and co. are also growing on the ruins of the Roman Forum. The flower splendor is also a good reason for hobby photographers to come to Rome in spring.

7. Spring in Rome: Time for a picnic in the park

In Rome, there are many villas and parks that invite you to linger. The well-known Villa Borghese is just one of many ways to get away from the tourist bustle of downtown streets. Alternatively, I recommend taking a break in one of the many other parks that the Italian capital has to offer. How about a picnic in the Parco del Colle Oppio? Located on one of the seven hills of Rome, it offers a good view of the Colosseum.

Regardless whether you stay in Rome in spring or during any other time: the “Giardino degli aranci”, a beautiful park on the Aventine hill with many orange trees, is worth a long break. From the Circo Massimo the place is easy to reach by foot and while you’re there, you should also take a look through the probably most famous keyhole (in the Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta) in the world.


8. Discover Via Appia by bike

If you are looking for a bit more exercise and you are tired of walking all day long, then I warmly recommend a bike ride on the ancient paved streets of Via Appia. You could not combine fitness and culture any better way.


9. Rome celebrates its birthday and you can be there

On April 21 the city of Rome celebrates its birthday. On this day in 753 BC Romulus is said to have founded the city. Of course, this has to be celebrated in an appropriate way. Historical groups from all over the world organise parades of gladiators and legionnaires as well as numerous exhibitions and performances. The main venues of the celebrations are the Circus Maximus and the Markets of Trajan. Finally, fireworks will round up the day.

10. Last but not least: My favourite reason to come to Rome in spring: Gelato!

Eating ice cream is always a good idea – but let me tell you why spring is the perfect time for gelato. On hot summer days eating ice cream is not as easy as you might think. It is not just a matter of training but timing too! If you are not fast enough, the creamy happiness will melt faster than you can say grazie. Before you know it, your hands are sticky and your waffle is soaked with ice-cream and has lost all its crispness. But the Italian ice cream is just too good to commit such beginner mistakes. So spring is the best training time for all ice cream junkies. And do not worry about your bikini body, that won’t be of any interest until summer anyways.

ROME_ice cream_01

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