Which are the most beautiful districts of Rome?

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And what if one day you wanted to know more about Rome, the eternal city? For example, its most beautiful districts? Well, then let us guide you through this journey among the most beautiful districts of Rome!

The most beautiful districts in Rome

1. Parioli district in Rome

It is one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Rome, characterized by historic attractions such as the Catacombs (Jordanians, Sant’Ilaria, Priscilla), parks (Villa Glori, Villa Balestra and Villa Ada) where to spend the time in the sunny days in Rome, and for lovers of art and music, there are plenty of theatres (Euclide Theatre, Parioli Theatre, Piccolo Theatre, Auditorium Parco della Musica).

If you still have energy for parioline nights you can have fun, dine and discover the Roman style in the many restaurants and clubs in the district (Duke’s, The Pariolina, Gotha Rome). And then, you can not miss a stop at the symbol of the capital club, The Piper! It was the nightclub that hosted the international jet set from the 50’s and a symbol of Roman nights during “La Dolce Vita.”

2. Aventine District in Rome

The Aventine Hill is one of the seven hills and the southernmost on which Rome was foundedIn the imperial age there were located the private homes of Trajan and Hadrian before they became emperors. 


The Roman hill is now an elegant residential area with a vast wealth of historical and architectural interest. Palace of the Knights of Malta, Terme di Caracalla, Circo Massimo, Temple of Portunus, the Mouth of Truth, Cestius Pyramid are all in this area

Then head to the Orange Garden, one beautiful orange grove overlooking a very picturesque view of Rome.


There you will find the famous “keyhole”, which offers a secret and magical view of St. Peter’s. (© picture: atlasobscura.com)


At night, the neighborhood is very quiet, suitable for families and a little less for the young. Lost in the streets of this rich district, it will make you enjoy a timeless appeal.

3. Trastevere District in Rome

Oh, Trastevere … perhaps the most vibrant district of the capital, the real heart of Rome! Basically if you want to party you can go to any of the squares where you will find street performers, bars and typical restaurants where you can taste the traditional Roman dishesBut do not think that Trastevere is only a suitable area for those who love nightlife.


In fact, this neighborhood offers fantastic Roman villas (Villa Abamelek, Villa Farnesina, Villa Sciarra and others, more or less important), numerous churches such as the famous Basilica of Santa Maria (© picture: rome.net) and Basilica of Santa Cecilia, and you really can not forget to visit the Paola water fountain (also called Fontanone), one of the key symbols of Rome from where you can enjoy one of the best views of the city. (© picture: globeholidays.net)


We also want to continue for another 200 meters to reach the Gianicolo. Here you have two views of Rome from the highest hill in the capital, really impressive!

4. Monti District in Rome

Well, this is simply the first district of Rome from where has spread the ancient city The Imperial Rome. This district includes of course the Colosseum, the Imperial Forums, the Trajan’s Market, the Opium Hill, the Palatine Hill and probably 70% of what you know of Rome.


So we will not list them here all but you should know that you can enjoy in this neighborhood very important theatres (Opera Theatre, Brancaccio Theatre, Eliseo Theatre), shopping streets like Via Nazionale and palaces of Italian power (Quirinale, Viminale, Montecitorio and Parliament). In the evening (but not only), I suggest you wander through the various vintage shops in the neighborhood, especially in Via del Boschetto and Via Leonina.

5. Eur District in Rome

It is the most modern district, a place created for the Universal Exposition of Rome. In this neighborhood you will find the Palace of Italian Civilization called by the Romans “Colosseo Quadrato”, the Congress Palace, Sport Palace and the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul. 


It is one of the most recommended neighborhoods to do outdoor activities. In fact you will find the Lake Central Park where in addition to sunbathing, the Romans spend time jogging, boating, doing yoga and lately have created Tai Chi groups. The neighborhood is easily accessible by Metro B getting off at Eur Palasport. In the winter evenings you will find trendy clubs, glamorous haunts like Futurarte and Spazio900.

There would still be much to say about the many Roman neighborhoods, but to know them all or at least all those that are well worth visiting, you should move to Rome for 3 months …. or maybe more!


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