The 5 most beautiful parks in Rome

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The most beautiful parks in Rome. For hours I could stroll through the streets and alleys of Rome, watch the bustle in the many squares and be inspired by the many people, colors, cafes, boutiques and facades. But at some point I need a short break from the fray and I go to a park. Lucky that in Rome there are many beautiful parks: oases of peace in the middle of the big city bustle. Some of them are right in the center. You also want to short break from exploring the Eternal City and recharge your batteries? Here are my top 5 of the most beautiful parks in Rome for you.

The 5 most beautiful parks in Rome – 5 parks in Rome that you should not miss on your sightseeing tour

1. The 5 most beautiful parks in Rome: Villa Borghese / Pincio – the green lung of Rome

Even if you have little time in Rome, you should not miss out on the magnificent view from the terrace of the Pincio. You reach it over a few steps from the famous Piazza del Popolo) in Rome! Once at the top, you can enjoy the fantastic view of the rooftops of Rome and the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica and be enchanted. But that’s not all, because from the terrace of the Pincio you can reach via the Via delle Magnolia into the adjoining park of Villa Borghese.

The name of the villa, which today is one of the most beautiful parks in Rome, by the way, comes from the wealthy Borghese family, the family of Pope Paul V.


With 80 hectares and 9 entrances, Villa Borghese is the third largest park in Rome. It offers shady meadows, gardens, statues, fountains and hidden classic temples. This is not the end of the list. On the area of ​​Villa Borghese there is also an artificial lake in the middle of which you can admire an island with a temple. There is also a gallery and the Roman zoo. That is the bioparco of which I have already mentioned in the article ” Rome with children “.

ROM_Laghetto-di-villa-Borghese_boat rental_l

You have a little more time and want to be a little more sporty? Then you can rent bicycles, Segways, skates and more at the corresponding switches of the main entrances. You can even take a boat trip at Villa Borghese on the lake of the park. Otherwise the Galleria Borghese is also worth a visit. You can read more about the Galleria in my article about the less known sights in Rome.

2. The 5 most beautiful parks in Rome: Parco Colle Oppio – central park right next to the Colosseum

Despite being so centrally located between the Colosseum and the enchanting downtown district of Monti, the park around the eponymous hill Colle Oppio is often overlooked by most Rome visitors.

Here is the insider tip among the most beautiful parks in Rome, you should not miss. An archaeological garden with large green areas and monumental ancient remains of great importance and interest. There you will also find the Baths of Titus and the Baths of Trajan. Once there was also the pavilion of Nero’s Domus Aurea.

ROME_Colosseum Outside

But you can still enjoy the magnificent view of the Colosseum and the Palatine to the fullest. However, when you visit, be aware that the park is only open during the day and the gates are closed at 21:00. The entrances are located in Viale del Monte Oppio, Via delle Terme di Traiano, Via Mecenate, Via Labicana, Via Nicola Salvi and Via delle Terme di Tito.


The easiest way to find it is to get off at metro station “Colosseo” (metro line B) and walk (the Colosseum in front of you and the metro in the back) to the left towards Via Labicana, then you can not miss the park.

3. The 5 most beautiful parks in Rome: Parco dei Aquedotti – Ancient meets local recreation

In addition to the more famous villas with parks in the historic center of Rome, among the most beautiful parks in Rome you will find other lesser known and equally interesting and historic green spaces.


The so-called “Parco degli Acquedotti” in the southeastern part of Rome, which belongs to the Regional Park Appia Antica, is particularly impressing. The park covers an area of ​​about 240 hectares between the Via Appia and the Via Tuscolana. If you walk through the park, you can admire a number of architectural testimonies from different eras. They date back to the ancient Romans, to the remnants of the Renaissance and the 19th century, of course.

ROM_Via-Appia-Antica_house entry_l

Six of the eleven large aqueducts built by the Romans are located in the area that belongs to the Parco degli Acquedotti. Among other things, the remains of the ancient villas, such as Villa dei Sette Bassi (between the Acqua Claudia and Marcia aqueducts on the fifth mile of Via Latina) and Villa delle Vignacce. They are some of the more important sites you will encounter while exploring the park. Villa delle Vignacce was built between the 2nd and 4th century AD. It represents one of the largest suburban villas of antiquity.

ROM_Via-Appia-Antica_bike rental_l

As you can see, the Parco degli Acquedotti is not only one of the most beautiful parks in Rome. It’s a veritable open-air museum, where you can simply picnic and relax in a shady spot. Rounding off your excursion to one of the most beautiful parks in Rome is to rent a bike to explore the large area. A rental station can be found in the near the main entrance in Via Lemonia; to reach by metro A via the stations Giulio Agricola or Sub Augusta. Otherwise, you can take the bus 559, 590, 650, 654 to the Parco degli Aquedotti. The park is open daily from dawn to dusk.

4. The 5 most beautiful parks in Rome: Roseto Comunale – romance in the urban rose garden

The urban rose garden of Rome is one of the most beautiful and romantic gardens of the capital. Its origins go back far into the past. Since the 3rd century BC, the place where the rose garden is located, is used for the cultivation of plants and flowers.


The rose garden extends over a part of the Aventine, above the Circus Maximus. You can easily reach it via the metro station of line B (Circo Massimo).

5. The 5 most beautiful parks in Rome: Villa Celimontana – the secret in the center

The park around the eponymous Villa Celimontana is small but nice. It is hidden in the heart of Rome, in the middle of the historic center of the Eternal City, nestled between the Coliseum, the Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano and the Circus Maximus, yet rather unknown.


Despite the central location, only a few tourists find their way into this green oasis. Instead, many locals of all ages come here to rest a bit in the shade of the pine trees, to read, to picnic, or to watch turtles. For children there is a playground and pony rides are also offered.


If you ask me, the Villa Celimontana is not only one of the most beautiful parks in Rome. It is also an ideal place to relax while sightseeing. In such a diverse city as Rome, where you do not want to miss anything, you tend to rush from one sight to another. A small, centrally located oasis like Villa Celimontana is just the place to take a break, recharge your batteries, or replenish your water reserves. You can reach Villa Celimontana either after a short walk from the Coliseum (Metro B Colosseo) via Via della Navicella. Or you take the bus line 81 or 673.


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