Rome Day Trips: Great destinations in Rome’s surroundings

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Rome day trips. Rome is a magnificent and, above all, multi-layered city, with so much culture and history to offer, that there is no chance of getting bored. But also in Rome’s surroundings some highlights are hidden that you should not miss. Honestly, such a day at the sea, on the lake, in the wineyards and mountains or a picturesque Italian village embedded in a city trip sounds tempting, right?


Whether you’re savvy Rome connoisseur looking for new and unknown spots, or for a short break from the hustle and bustle of the tourist crowds in the city center, the selection of destinations from Rome is great. The eternal city is an excellent starting point for a day trip to the green surroundings, which have beautiful landscapes and are mostly very well served by public transport. Be it a trip to the mountains or a visit to the beach. Culture, history and enjoyment are not neglected at the destinations in Rome’s surroundings!

Rome Day Trips: Inspiration for a day trip from Rome

One of the most interesting destinations just outside Rome is certainly the city of Tivoli. Just 30 kilometers east of Rome, the historic city of Tivoli has three wonderful villas. Villa Adriana, Villa d’Este and Villa Gregoriana. Two of the magnificent villas, the Villa Adriana and the Villa d’Este. They are even listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and can both be easily visited on a day trip from Rome to Tivoli.

1. Rome Day Trip to Tivoli: Spots you should not miss

The Villa Adriana, sometimes called Hadrian Villa, was built from 118 to 134 AD to serve as the summer residence and retirement home of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. Around ​​Villa Adriana the area covers more than 125 hectares and is the largest and most elaborate palace complex ever built by a Roman emperor. The Villa d’Este, on the other hand, is a special masterpiece of garden art. The gardens of the stately Renaissance villa with more than 500 fountains and water features is an unforgettable highlight and one of the most beautiful in Italy.

Practical tips: Access by public transport

If you want to make the day trip from Rome to Tivoli by bus, then you can take the regional buses of the company Cotral. Cotral buses leave from Rome at the bus station of the Ponte Mammolo metro station on line B of the metro. The bus ride to Tivoli takes about 1 hour and costs 2 euros. The buses run quite regularly, usually every 15 minutes. If you are going by bus I recommend to visit the Hadrian Villa first as it is a few miles outside the center of Tivoli.

The best way to get there is at the bus stop “Bivio Adriana” almost directly in front of the entrance. Alternatively you can also take the train from Rome to Tivoli. The regional train to Tivoli starts at Roma-Tiburtina station. It brings you to Tivoli in just under an hour for 2.60 euros. The important thing is that you get off at the station “Tivoli” and not at the station “Bagni di Tivoli“.

Otherwise, of course, there is also the opportunity to visit Tivoli as part of an organized tour. There is no likelihood of confusion. You can book your tickets online and will also be accompanied by a guide. The price usually includes not only the transfer, but also the entrance fees. Certainly the easiest and most comfortable option for a day trip from Rome to Tivoli.

2. Rome Day Trips: Bracciano

Located on the crater rim of the lake of the same name, just 60 kilometers north of Rome, Bracciano is a haven of peace for those who want to escape the chaos of the city for a few hours. With its clear waters, Bracciano Lake is really a great destination for a day trip from Rome. It can easily be reached both by car and by train.

Rome Day Trip to Bracciano: Spots you should not miss this

One of Braciano’s most popular tourist attractions is the medieval Orsini Odescalchi Castle. If offers wonderful views of Lake Bracciano and the surrounding nature reserve. In addition, you should then make a walk through the winding streets of the historic center around the castle. It is not enough for you for the perfect day trip from Rome? Bracciano with the lake promenade Lungolago Argenti still has another great opportunity for all water mermaids, sun worshipers and water sports enthusiasts. If you have a car or a bicycle at your disposal, then a visit to Anguillara Sabazia or Trevignano, two other picturesque villages on the Lago di Bracciano, which will surely enchant you.

Practical tips: Access by public transport

With the regional train FL3 Viterbo-Roma Ostiense Bracciano is well connected to the Roman transport network. You can board for example at the stations Roma San Pietro, Roma Trastevere, Roma Ostiense, or Roma Tiburtina. The train journey takes less than an hour and costs 3.60 euros.

3. Rome Day Trip: Castel Gandolfo

About 30 kilometers southeast of Rome lies Castel Gandolfo, embedded in the so-called “Castelli Romani”. A total of 16 picturesque communities belong to the National Park of Castelli Romani. The green, hilly landscape of the Castelli Romani with the beautiful volcanic lakes is a recreational area of ​​the Romans and a popular destination for culinary excursions. Thanks to its volcanic origin, the soil is very fertile and ideal for growing grapes. Castel Gandolfo is one of the most important cities of the Castelli Romani. This is the beautiful area of ​​the metropolis of Rome, which rises on the slopes of the Lazio volcano and overlooks the Albanian Sea.

Rome Day Trip to Castel Gandolfo: Spots you should not miss

There are many good reasons to take a day trip from Rome to Castel Gandolfo. One of them is definitely the splendid panorama from its terraces to Lake Albano, which by the way is considered the deepest lake in Italy. Even the Centro Storico is really charming: Small and tranquil and not nearly as full as the streets in Rome’s old town around the Pantheon & co.

The charm of Castel Gandolfo has not only mesmerized me. Castel Gandolfo is known worldwide as a papal summer residence. Since the 18th century, the popes have traditionally spent their holidays outside of Rome in Castel Gandolfo, more precisely in the Palazzo Pontificio in the piazza of the village.

I recommend booking the tickets for the Papal Palace, the Pope Villas and the Barberini Gardens in advance. Partly there are also practical combination offers, which already contain a transfer from Rome. If you not only want to enjoy the view, but also want to refresh yourself in the deepest lake in Italy, or if you want to do a canoe ride, then you should also think of bringing your bathing suit!

Practical tips: Access by public transport

Of course you can do without the all-round carefree package and arrive on your own. This is best done by train. From Roma Termini, you can reach Castel Gandolfo by regional train FL4 in about three quarters of an hour. The ticket costs 2.10 euros. Since the trains sometimes go to irregular times, I advise you to buy a round trip ticket right away. There is no ticket machine at the station of Castel Gandolfo.

4. Rome Day Trip: Ostia Antica

Another popular destination for a day trip from Rome is Ostia Antica. All information about the day trip to Ostia Antica I have already summarized in a separate article for you.


5. Rome Day Trips: To the beach

Even though few of you might think of a beach trip to Rome on a city break, the holiday in Rome during the summer months can also be wonderfully combined with a beach visit.


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