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Flea markets in Rome. Flea markets are such a thing – either you love or you hate them. I personally love not just only shopping off the peg, but also always looking for objects that already have a story and to give them a second life. Especially on vacation I like to take time to “dawdle”. If you feel the same way, I would like to give you an overview of the flea markets in Rome that you should not miss when you visit the Eternal City. You know, Italy is a country with an eventful history, and where can art and fashion be experienced closer and more tangibly than at a flea market in Rome?


These are the most popular flea markets in Rome

Would you like a treasure hunt? Discover the most beautiful flea markets in Rome

It’s really no secret that shopping in Rome is really good. But not everyone is drawn to a flea market for shopping. Because at flea markets, many inevitably think of untidy rummaging tables and worn clothes that smell of mothballs. But that’s just a cliché. The flea markets have enormous potential. I personally love to get to second-hand shops and I love flea markets. They awaken my collector instinct. Of course you have to search much longer in flea markets and second hand shops, but the joy when you have found “this one piece” is definitely worth the effort. It also has something to do with sustainability and ethical consumer behavior, buying used things and recycling them.

But what drives me and many others much more to buy and sell antique objects is almost always the love for the history of the object, its previous life, its old owner, its old use. As far as that is concerned, the flea markets in Rome are a pure treasure trove. For example, I will never forget how a friend of mine bought a Black Forest cuckoo clock at a flea market in Rome a few years ago. We both thought the performance was very funny. But she was serious and whenever I am at her place and the cuckoo appears we say “Ciao Ciao” ​​and have to laugh. A nice holiday memory, don’t you think?

1. Flea markets in Rome: Porta Portese – the classic

Sure, when it comes to the most popular flea markets in Rome, Porta Portese is definitely the one. This lively, typically Roman place around the Porta Portese is by far the most famous flea market in Rome. Every Sunday from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. it takes place in the Trastevere district directly under the eponymous gate “Porta Portese”. Regarding the goods to be sold, you will find EVERYTHING here. New and used clothing, vinyl and CDs, watches, shoes, jewelry, leather jackets (also cruelty free), suitcases, toys, souvenirs and more. The spectrum ranges from modern technology to antiques to bicycles and plants, in short, really everything except food. But there are enough other markets in Rome for that.


The best way to get to the flea market is by tram. Tram lines 3 and 8 take you from the center directly to the famous Porta Portese market. The market is huge, so you should plan a few hours for your visit. Afterwards, for example, it is worth climbing up the Giannicolo, where you can enjoy the view of Rome. Or you can sit down in a café in Trastevere, one of the most beautiful districts in Rome, enjoy a little the “Dolce farniente” and let the Sunday end relaxed.

2. Flea markets in Rome: Via Sannio – the insider tip

The market in Via Sannio is ideal for those who are in Rome during the week or who want to sleep late on Sunday morning. The big advantage of this flea market in Rome is that it not only takes place on Sunday, but that it is the only day on which it pauses. At this flea market you will also find new and used goods. From branded clothing and shoes to necklaces and earrings, band shirts or sunglasses. The Via Sannio market is very spacious and well stocked, ideal for all tastes.


So you can dawdle from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at your whim and in a super central location. Via Sannio is only a few meters from the Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano (Metro Line A, Station San Giovanni) and is smaller and less known than its big brother Porta Portese in Rome. But for me personally it is one of my favorite flea markets in Rome.

3. Flea markets in Rome: Mercato Monti – the hip designer market

In the summer, i.e. from June to September, the otherwise inconspicuous conference hall of the Grand Hotel Palatino transforms into the most famous vintage market in the city, every Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Rome christmas market Mercato Monti

The market is a short walk from Termini Central Station or the Colosseum.

Of course you can also take the metro. From the Cavour station on line B, you stumble straight into the hip Mercato Monti. It is not a flea market in the classic sense, but has nevertheless earned a place of honor on the list of the most popular flea markets in Rome. Instead of discarded clothes and designer bags, you will find creative jewelry creations, fashion from small and unknown designer labels, cool vintage items and all sorts of other wonderful things that you will probably not find in most stores. If you love vintage and urban design, you should definitely stop by here. Worth it!

4. Flea markets in Rome: Borghetto Flaminio – second-hand clothing for fashion victims

It is the first market in Rome to be held almost exclusively by non-professionals. So a market of flea market fans for like-minded people. This Borghetto Flaminio market is primarily about clothing and fashion. Used or really old clothes, shoes and bags; many brands and unique vintage items. The prices are good, in the morning there is of course a lot more choice, but in the afternoon you can bargain what it takes – with hands and feet if necessary.

Rome central station Termini outside

Entry to this flea market in Rome costs 1.60 euros. You can find it in Piazzale della Marina every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Getting there by public transport from Termini Station is very easy: take Metro A to the Flaminio station. After a short walk along Via Flaminia (less than 10 minutes) on your right is the Borghetto Flaminio – one of the coolest flea markets in Rome, a paradise for fashion victims.

5. Flea markets in Rome: Mercatino dell’antiquariato di Ponte Milvio – antiques on the Tiber

Not far from the flea market in the Flaminio district is another pearl for art and junk lovers. The Mercatino dell’antiquariato di Ponte Milvio. Among the flea markets in Rome, the market on the Ponte Milvio is the one that particularly makes the hearts of all antique lovers beat faster. The eponymous bridge Ponte Milvio is one of the most beautiful bridges in Rome over the Tiber.

What could be nicer than strolling on a sunny Sunday morning in the Eternal City? Very close to the Tiber, in the middle of market stalls with all kinds of antiques, historical objects, Roman statuettes, lamps, clocks, mirrors, paintings and much more Tobe offered?


Some of these objects may not be as old as they look, but rather are characterized by their traditional classic style. But that doesn’t change the charm of this market. Even small master craftsmen exhibit and sell their creations every second Sunday of the month from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. You can reach the antique market on Ponte Milvio with tram line 2 from Piazzale Flaminio (Metro A).

6. Flea markets in Rome: Il Mercatino – the perennial favorite for flea market fans

The Mercatino is a small treasure chest that really has a few surprises in store. And is also a wonderful place for rainy afternoons in Rome. Il Mercatino means flea market, but actually it’s a shop, no chain of stores. There you will find an extreme selection of selected and high-quality second-hand goods. Bags, furniture, art prints, jewelry, antiques and cuckoo clocks. And that every day from 9:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. in several branches throughout Rome. The shops in Via Sebastiano Grandis 7 (on Porta Maggiore, not very far from Termini Central Station) or in the student district of Garbatella (Via Manfredo Camperio 25) are not far from the Metro station of the same name (line B).

Small insider tip: The products are all provided with a sticker with a date on it. If 60 days have passed since the date of the label, there is a discount between 10% and 50% of the price at the checkout! A paradise for bargain hunters. But that’s actually all flea markets – in Rome and everywhere else, right? Have fun with your own treasure hunt through the flea markets in Rome.


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