Breakfast in Rome: The best places for breakfast in Rome!

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Best breakfast in Rome. Here I’m giving you tips where to have breakfast in Rome. But you should know beforehand that the Romans have a rather different idea of breakfast. Never would they imagine to have a copious meal with sweet and savory specialties, let alone brunch. Tips and information about breakfast, tasty coffee and desserts that you should try out are included in this article!


Where to have the best breakfast in Rome: My tips for breakfast in Rome

A typical Italian breakfast is rather small and often consists of a quick meal to start the day. It’s common to see people having breakfast while standing, though it may seem incomprehensible to us.

What does a typical Italian breakfast look like?

italian-breakfast-romeAn Italian breakfast usually consists of a coffee or cappuccino and some sweets (Dolci) like a cornetto or other pastry. The term dolci, or dolco in the singular, is Italian for desserts. A cornetto is a croissant often filled with chocolate or jam. By the way, breakfast is the only occasion for Romans to have a cappuccino or caffè latte. After lunch and dinner they only consume espresso!

The best breakfasts in Rome: My recommendations

1. Breakfast in Rome in Sant’Eustachio: Piazza Sant’Eustachio 82, 00186 Rome

Sant’Eustachio is a café close to the Pantheon that probably makes the best coffee in Rome since the 1930s! Their coffee comes in all varieties, with or without milk, and their specialty is the grand caffè (coffee with milk). They use coffee beans that come from fair production and trade. Furthermore, the coffee shop is at the origin of the project “Buon Caffè”. Those who sell the fair trade coffee by Sant’Eustachio in Rome get a premium.

2. Breakfast in Rome in Giolitti: Via degli Uffici del Vicario 40, 00186 Rome

The name Giolitti stands for one of the most famous and oldest ice cream shops in Rome. It featured in the movie “Roman Holiday” with Audrey Hepburn. But not only will you find ice cream, but also delicious coffee and pastry. For some breakfast you just order a cappuccino and a sweet cornetto. Later in the day you should stop by again for some ice cream.

3. Breakfast in Rome at II Sorchettaro: Via Cernaia 47, 00185 Rome

The third place for breakfast in Rome is for people who get up very early or those who go to bed late… II Sorchettaro in Rome is open from midnight until 6 am. Here you will find a typical Roman specialty that you shouldn’t miss out on. It’s called “sorchetta doppio schizzo” and doesn’t fall short of its name. For many Romans it is the perfect snack after a long night out. There are many bakeries in Rome that are open only at night. They are called cornetteria in Italian.


Sweet specialties that you should try out during your holidays in Rome!

I have asked an Italian what to eat as a tourist in Rome. When it came to Roman specialties for breakfast, this is what he suggested:

1. For breakfast in Rome: Crema di Caffè in Rome

A specialty in Rome that you should definitely try out for breakfast in the summer is the “crema di caffè”. It is a cold espresso refined with cream and served with whipped cream on top. According to Italians, this is the perfect coffee on hot days in Rome.

2. Breakfast in Rome: Maritozzo con la panna

Another specialty that you should try out is called “maritozzo con la panna”. This sweet specialty from Rome is for those who like to share or those fearless of calories. It is a tasty bread roll filled with lots of whipped cream, raisins and pine nuts.

3. Breakfast in Rome: Sorchetta doppio schizzo

Another specialty that belongs to Roman life is the “sorchetta doppio schizzo” which was already mentioned. Traditionally, you can find it in a cornetteria or bakery that is open at night. If you order a “sorchetta”, you will get a flat croissant with a spread of whipped cream and liquid nutella. Who wouldn’t want to try?


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