Eating ice cream in Rome: The best places for gelato in Rome and best ice-cream in Rome!

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Eating ice cream in Rome. Where to get the best gelato in Rome is revealed in this article! Ice cream, or gelato in Italian, naturally belongs to a full vacation in Italy. Especially in summer when it gets very hot in Rome, having some ice cream is a nice relief.

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Eating ice cream in Rome: Where can I have good gelato in Rome?

Ice cream shops are literally everywhere in Rome. At an intersection or on squares in Rome, it is often said that you can find a “gelateria” on at least three of the four corners. There is even an institute dedicated to the study of Italian ice cream, the Instituto del Gelato Italiano. (© picture: thefoodjourneyblog)


According to ta survey, the Italians consume ice cream three to four times a week. Another interesting fact is that the idea of scoops is largely unknown in Italy. You are not limited to a certain number of scoops, but you can pack as many flavors in your scone or cup as long as there is space. There are three different serving sizes in Italy.

The best places for ice cream in Rome: My recommendations for “gelateria” in Rome

1. Giolitti in Rome: Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40, 00186 Roma

gelateria-giolitti-best-ice-cream-in-romeGiolitti is probably the most popular gelateria in Rome. Even celebrities from Hollywood have been drawn to it. The famous actress Audrey Hepburn paid tribute to Giolitti in her movie “Roman Holiday”.

It is also said that Pope Johannes Paul II had a strong liking for their chestnut ice cream. The gelateria Giolitti is not far from the Pantheon and has about 50 flavors to choose from. It is open everyday from 7 to 1:30 am.




2. Mondi in Rome: Via Flaminia, 468, 00191 Roma

mondi-ice-cream-store-in-romeA bit further out from the city center and spared by mass tourism is the gelateria Mondi. One of their features is the great choice of ice cream. On top, you get a nice splotch of their homemade whipped cream. Not only is Mondi famous for delicious gelato, but also for its fine selection of pastries and coffee in all its varieties. It’s a good place for a small breakfast in the morning and some refreshening ice cream in the afternoon when the temperatures rise. The gelateria is open Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 7:30 pm.

3. Organic ice cream in Rome at Neve di Latte: Via Luigi Poletti, 6, 00196 Roma

neve-di-latte-ice-cream-store-in-romeLike Mondi, the gelateria Neve di Latte is in the north of Rome near the MAXXI, a contemporary art museum. Their gelato is exclusively made of organic ingredients. The composition of the different flavors is a complicated and detailed process. The content of sugar and cream is precisely measured. There are fewer exotic flavors to choose from, but instead you will find the classics which are very delicious! Neve di Latte in Rome is open daily from 12 to 11 pm, and until midnight on Saturdays.

Other very good ice-cream parlors in Rome are Gelateria Frullati (Old Bridge Gelateria) and Gelateria La Romana.

The Old Bridge Gelateria in Rome is probably the most famous and maybe also the best gelateria in Rome. The Gelateria ist situated at Viale Dei Bastioni di Michelangelo 500192 Rom. A lot of Roman people also think that the Gelateria La Romana at Via Venti Settembre, 60, 00187 Rom ist the best Gelateria in town. 


You see, opinions concerning the best ice-cream in Rome differ. So I recommend to try all Gelateria in Rome and then please tell me what’s your favourite ice-cream in Rome!


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