Typical pasta dishes in Rome and tips for a restaurant visit in Rome

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Typical pasta dishes in Rome. I already gave you several addresses for nice restaurants in Rome, where you can eat typically Italian. To know which dishes are worth trying and typically Roman, you should read my pasta recommendations for Rome!

Typical pasta dishes in Rome: Which pastas are recommended?

According to a Roman friend, the following pasta dishes are one of the most favored and can be found in almost any restaurant in Rome.

Pasta advice no 1: Spaghetti carbonara

ROME_Antica-Osteria-Rugantino_Pasta_Spaghetti_Carbonara_close_02_lSpaghetti carbonara is one of the most famous noodle dishes from Italy. The story of its creation is quite intriguing: The carbonara was invented in World War II to provide a rich meal for American soldiers who wanted to eat bacon, eggs, and cheese.

Many recipes include cream, but this is not the original version. So don’t be surprised if you find spaghetti carbonara without cream in Rome!

ROME_Pasta-Amatriciana_02Pasta advice no 2: Amatriciana

Amatriciana is a noodle dish which is typical for the Roman region. It’s made of a tomato sauce with bacon and cheese and served on hollow spaghetti.

The origins of this recipe can be traced to the 18th century. In that period of time, the tomato sauce was not part of the Amatriciana but has since become an essential ingredient. Amatriciana is a classic among Roman pasta dishes and a must try!

Pasta advice no 3: Cacio e pepe

Cacio e Pepe (cheese and pepper) is not just the name of my third pasta advice, but also the list of ingredients for this very popular dish in Italy.cacio-e-pepe-pasta-rome

Thin spaghetti is mixed with Pecorino Romano and pepper. A very simple meal, but typically Roman.

Useful tips for restaurant dining inRome

1. Italians eat late!

Time seems to run differently in Rome, especially when it comes to food. The Romans eat later than us and typically start dinner around 9 pm.


This also means that restaurants will be full around this time and advance booking becomes necessary. However, if you come eat at 7 pm, then you will certainly get a table in a restaurant of your choice.

2. Wait to be seated and expect a cover charge!

People in Rome don’t just sit down when they arrive in a restaurant, but wait to be seated. In certain restaurants in Rome you still need to pay a cover charge. The price is around 50 cents to 2 euro per person. The menu usually mentions if the cover charge is to BE paid separately. Finally, some restaurants may charge extra for the tray.


3. Italians eat more!

If you ever looked at a menu in an Italian restaurant, you probably noticed that there are more courses than usual. A typical Italian meal starts with the Aperitivo, followed by the Antipasto, Primo, Secondo, Dolce and cheese. To finish off Italians like to have a coffee or digestif. And so there are two main courses after the appetizer. The first is often pasta and the second some meat dish. This is paradise for all gourmets, but luckily not mandatory for the rest. It’s not uncommon that Italians omit the second main course and dessert.

4. Tip but don’t round up!

ROME_tips_lTipping is not really common anymore because service charge is often included. However, feel free to leave some tip on the table if you enjoyed the food and service. Don’t try to adjust the bill to include tipping. Otherwise the waiter might give you an irritated look!




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