Pure Rom(antic): 10 good reasons why you should visit Rome in autumn

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Rome in autumn. The summer is over, the days are getting shorter and sometimes chilly. Unfortunately for many, the bad mood comes with fall. But the autumn with its colorful leaves offers so much romance and ideal conditions for a wonderful getaway. I bet that such a city trip to Rome in the fall is not only for romantics and die-hard autumn fans, but at the same time the best medicine against dull mood! Why and especially what you should not miss in Rome in the fall, I’ll tell you in the following article.

Rome autumn Ruin

Rome in autumn: 10 reasons for a city trip to Rome in autumn

1. Rome in autumn: Lower prices in low season

Summer and Italy are inseparable for many holidaymakers. No wonder, after all bella Italia with its many beaches is also the perfect country for a long summer holiday with all the trimmings. In the off-season, the travel costs are usually much lower: The flights are cheaper outside of the holiday periods and the hotels and guest houses due to the lower occupancy as well.

ROME_Hotel_Sign_old town_l

With a city trip to Rome in the fall, you can save your travel budget before you leave without any compromises. If you book early and compare offers, you will be rewarded with an unforgettable city trip, which also offers for the narrow budget all, what the vacationer heart desires: History, art, culture, architecture and a lot of good food. Autumn blues, goodbye!

2. Rome in autumn: Relaxed sightseeing thanks to fewer tourists

Traveling in the off-season, in addition to the financial advantage, comes with another crucial positive side effect of which you can benefit on your trip to Rome in the fall: Fewer tourists! Fewer people actually means shorter queues and shorter waiting times.


Especially if you have little time, because you have planned a short trip over the weekend, for example, long queues are of course a damper for the untroubled holiday pleasure.

Of course you can order the tickets for the well-known sights online, but believe me, Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica and co. ss well as the squares, fountains and alleys of Rome, are way more magical when you are not surrounded by a number of tourist groups.

3. Rome in autumn: Mild temperatures around 20 ° C

In summer it can be very hot in Rome: 40 degrees in summer are not uncommon. For me personally, the heat makes it a bit tedious when strolling through the city, so maybe that is why I love Rome in the fall so much. The mild autumn temperatures in Rome are ideal for extensive exploration of the Holy City. The average temperature in October and November is still at a really pleasant 20 degrees – so (at least during the day) it is still T-shirt weather.

Rome autumn dome

This means that you can stroll through the city without sun hat and cream, without sweating after a short time. Even the annoying temperature shock at the transition from air-conditioned museums, shops, buses or trains to the outside is missing and problems with the dress code in the visit of the churches (shoulders and knees covered!) is not important. And sneakers are much better for sightseeing than sandals anyway, do not you think?

4. Rome in autumn: golden light for unforgettable holiday photos

In a city like Rome, there are wonderful photo opportunities to discover on every corner: the crumbling facades of the houses, the domes of the churches, the ups and downs of the streets. Autumn not only gives us colorful foliage, but also wonderful light for incomparably beautiful holiday photos: soft light and warm colors quickly turn your snapshots into romantic postcard motifs.

ROME_Trevi fountain_close_l

Submerged in warm autumn light, Rome has a completely different appearance and has its own charm; Especially in the so-called “golden hour” (the hour before sunset) the eternal city shines in a special light. I recommend you to enjoy the sunset at one of the viewpoints like the hill Giannicolo or the terrace of the Pincio (above the Piazza del Popolo, stop Flaminio with the metro A).

5. Rome in Autumn: Historical autumn walks through Rome

Did you know that in Rome in autumn there are different ways to take a long walk, where you not only celebrate the autumn with rustling foliage and sunshine, but at the same time you can get in touch with Roman history? Personally, I love strolling along the banks of the Tiber in Rome in the fall (past antique bridges and the historic Tiber Island), admiring the golden-yellow foliage of the plane trees in the soft rays of the autumn sun in contrast to the blue sky of the eternal city.

Rome autumn bridge love lock

In addition, there are a number of historic parks in Rome, which let you combine the autumn walk with sightseeing. Besides to the well-known Villa Borghese and the ancient Via Appia I have listed in my article on the most beautiful parks in Rome other alternatives for you.

6. Rome in autumn: Great alternatives in rainy weather

In case that weather is bad, you’ll find plenty of opportunities in Rome that will not leave you in a bad mood: countless museums and churches tell the story of the city’s turbulent history and can be visited even when it rains.

Rome autumn bridge Tiber

But even museum muffles get their money and can in Rome, for example, to shop or take a city tour on the bus.

7. Rome in autumn: Autumn is wine time

Autumn is the time of the vintage and just a few miles southeast of Rome are the Castelli Romani, a well-known wine-growing region in central Italy. If you have some time, you should definitely take a day trip to Rome’s hilly countryside.

ROME_Wine shelfs

For example, the FL4 regional train will take you in less than half an hour from Roma Termini central station to the picturesque wine town of Frascati for a few euros. More inspirations for unforgettable day trips from Rome I tell you in a separate article. Or treat yourself to a good glass of wine in one of the many wine bars in Rome. The selection is immense!

8. Rome in autumn: feasting without remorse

Love goes through the stomach and the delicious Italian food is reason enough to love Rome. In autumn, the bikini figure first has a break, so you can feed yourselves unabashedly through the city and its treats.


In addition to the classics such as the cornetto for breakfast, the world’s best pizza or a delicious pasta dish you should also try something seasonal: Polenta, chestnuts, or truffle. When you visit one of the many markets in Rome at the latest, your mouth will be watering.

9. Rome in autumn: Halloween feeling in the crypt of the Capuchins

Close to Barberini metro station (metro line A) is one of Rome’s most unusual and, admittedly, scary sights. Behind the inconspicuous façade of the church of Santa Maria Immacolata and Via Veneto (also known as the Nostra Signora della Concezione dei Cappuccini) hides a tomb, which not only gives rise to scary Halloween: The crypt in the basement of the Church of the Capuchin Order is namely under the Ceiling decorated with human bones. Therefore, a visit to the bone vault is certainly not for everyone, but definitely an impressive experience that is thought-provoking. The entrance to the Capuchin Crypt and the museum in Via Veneto 27 is € 8.50, youths under 18 and seniors (65+) pay only € 5.

10. Rome in Autumn: International Film Festival in the Parco della Musica

Every year at the end of October, in Rome, the “Festa del Cinema di Roma – Rome Film Festival” hosts an international film festival in the extraordinary Auditorium Parco della Musica (at Viale Pietro de Coubertin 30 – either by tram line 2 or Metro A to Flaminio) and in several other locations in the Italian capital. The films are shown in original language with Italian and English subtitles. Tickets are available for 6 €.

Rome autumn gull

In my event calendar Rome 2020 you will find a complete overview of holidays and events!

Whether you want to escape the autumn blues in wet gray Germany, or you want to experience the eternal city in the golden autumn, there are plenty of reasons to visit Rome in the fall. It does not matter if you travel alone, as a couple, with friends or family. In autumn, you can experience Rome from its romantic side without hassle and it’s worth it!

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