Rome with children: 10 tips for a family trip to Rome

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Rome with children. In this article you will find useful tips for your next holiday in Rome with children. Historical sights, walking around all day long and high temperatures can be exhausting for children. I will tell you which 10 activities in and around Rome are great fun for kids.


Rome with children: 10 tips for a city trip to Rome with the whole family

City trips are the ideal family getaway, as the range of attractions is varied and exciting for the whole family. Rome is no exception! If you are planning to visit Rome with children, here are 10 tips that will make your city trip to the Eternal City an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

1. Rome with children: Using public transport

Especially when traveling to Rome with children, good preparation is half the battle. Of course, this also includes having a look into public transport. Traveling by public transport can be an adventure in Rome. Especially at rush hour around the main and transfer station Termini. Sure, there are buses that also have their pitfalls: The travel times are irregular and if you’re unlucky, the long-awaited bus is already full. Unfortunately, there is not always room for a stroller.


There is only one thing to do: stay calm. Or opt for one of the numerous Hop-on Hop-off providers. This saves you time and, above all, nerves which you will need when traveling to Rome with children!

2. Enjoy some time off with your children in a Roman park

Whether you are visiting Rome by bus or by foot, breaks are very important when traveling to Rome with children. Fortunately, Rome also offers many little oases of peace in the city center, where your children, no matter their age, can let off steam in between.

ROME_Summer_Park bench_break_l

Very popular among children in Rome is the park of Villa Celimontana, also a short walk from the Colosseum. In addition to a playground, there is also a small pond with turtles, fish and pony rides in the summer months.

3. Rome with children: Following the footsteps of the gladiators – A visit to the Colosseum

The Colosseum, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, captivates every visitor. Children are no exception! If you visit Rome with children, the Colosseum must definitely be on your sightseeing program.

ROME_Colosseum Outside

There are even special family tours that introduce you and your children to the world of gladiators and secrets of Rome’s landmark in a fun, child-friendly way.

4. Visit Rome with children: Above the roofs of St Peter’s

The ascent of the dome of St. Peter’s is a very special highlight for all ages and offers a fantastic view of the Italian capital. However, climbing up to the top is a bit difficult with toddlers. The elevator only spares you the first 231 steps. The remaining 320 must always be managed by foot.


Important: Skip-the-line tickets are unfortunately not available for the dome only and in addition will only be paid in cash. So take some time for queuing up at the tickets office or get tickets for a guided tour of the Vatican with direct access to the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica. Experience has shown that the waiting line is shorter in the afternoon hours. In addition, there are also special tours for families.

5. Training in the Gladiator’s School

School? And while on vacation? Probably sounds very deterrent for most children. They might change their mind once they hear that it is a gladiator school. The little ones can even become active themselves. The training in the gladiator school is not only fun, but also provides valuable background on the gladiatorial fighting of the ancient Roman Empire.


You can find the Gladiator School of Rome in Via Appia Antica 18. The training lasts just under two hours. Family and friends of the Gladiator trainees can cheer from the audience gallery and do not have to pay admission.

6. With children through Rome: Villa Borghese and the Bioparco

One of the most popular destinations in Rome for families with children is the Bioparco at Villa Borghese. There you can also hire a boat which should be nice for families as well. But don’t forget the life jackets for your kids.


But let’s come back to the Bioparco: It houses more than 1000 animals, including giraffes, tigers, elephants, pygmy hippos and crocodiles. The nearest stop is Flaminio (Metro A). Admission for adults costs 16 euros, children over 10 pay 13 euros. Children who are younger or less than a meter in hight pay no entry at all.

7. Eating Pizza in Rome with children

Of course, a visit to a restaurant is part of every Rome vacation as well. But if you do not want to go to the restaurant with the whole family every day, there is a good and cheap alternative: the “Pizzeria al taglio”, the Italian answer to fast food. The pizza for take away is available with different toppings, the price depends on the weight. There is certainly something for every child.


It can also be exciting for children to look behind the scenes of a pizzeria and prepare the pizza together with an experienced pizza chef.

8. Discover Rome with children: Interactive sightseeing tours

ROME_tour guides_l

Common city tours, where you just have to listen for an hour or two can quickly get boring – especially for kids. If you are traveling to Rome with children and do not want to miss out on valuable background and insider information, then I recommend an interactive city tour. Whether organized around a quiz, scavenger hunt or focusing on a certain topic, city tours are guaranteed fun for all generations.

9. With children in Rome: A day trip to Ostia Antica

Ostia Antica lets you experience the everyday life of the ancient times of the Roman Empire. The entire infrastructure of the former port city has been preserved. For you and your children, this means that you can gain exciting insights into the life and structure of the society from over 2000 years ago.


10. Rome with children: A bike tour through the ancient streets of Rome


My special recommendation is Via Appia. Here you can go for unforgettable bike rides on an ancient road through the Roman countryside. And all without the annoying traffic of the Roman city center. Rent bikes near Via Appia or take part in a guided bike tour.

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