Rome transport and means of transportation: How do I get from A to B in Rome?

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Rome transport. There are different means of transportation to get from one place to another in Rome. Below you will find an overview of the different ways you can travel in Rome.

All means of transportation in Rome: How do I get from A to B?

Like in many big cities there is public transport in Rome which includes the metro, buses, and the tramway. Many people decide to explore Rome on foot since there is not much space for buses downtown. Moreover, the metro has but one little problem.


There are only three metro lines and only two of them are connected to the city center. It is quite difficult to build new stations and tunnels in Rome. As soon as you start digging, you are likely to encounter antic remains which could be brought under the protection of cultural heritage. For that reason the metro does not run through the center of Rome but makes a small detour. Only a few sights are directly next to a metro station. To compensate for the lack of metro lines and metro stations, there is a sophisticated bus and tramway system.

Something that has been missing in Rome so far is a public bicycle rental system.

1. Travel in Rome by metro

The metro is the most popular way of transport, especially during the rush hour. Metro lines A and B come closest to the historic center in Rome. Take line A to reach the Trevi Fountain at “Barberini” or the Spanish Stairs at “Spagna”. The Colosseum itself is near a station on line B.


You can download the Rome metro map here. The metro in Rome operates everyday from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm, and one additional hour on Fridays and Saturdays.

2. Travel in Rome by bus

Rome has an intricate bus system that was created for reasons already mentioned. In fact, the bus is the only way to travel from one place to another in the historic city center. Buses run everyday from 5:30 am to midnight. After that you can use night buses. Most buses in Rome do not have a fixed schedule, but run at certain intervals that change according to the time of day.


Rome’s bus system explained in a few words: 4 colors, 4 categories!

The bus network in Rome is divided into four categories, each of them with its own color. Blue buses (or those marked with a blue “U”) are the normal buses that operate throughout the city. They run every 5 minutes downtown.

Green buses marked with the letter “X” are express buses. They often cover the same routes as the blue buses, but only stop at major stations. Bus line 40 is therefore very convenient to get from the central station Termini to the Vatican.

Red buses with the letter “E” only operate at certain hours. They are very rare in the city center because it is difficult to keep a regular schedule in the Roman traffic.

Finally, if you travel during the night, look out for an owl on Rome’s black buses. Night buses operate from midnight when all other bus lines terminate their service. Click here to download a map of the bus routes in Rome.

3. Travel in Rome by tramway

The tramway in Rome has been in operation since 1877. In recent years many lines have been closed and there are only six remaining today. They cover a limited area in Rome.


The tramway 3 runs above ground and provides a great opportunity to discover the city. For instance, it passes the Circus Maximus and the Colosseum.

You can download the Rome tramway map here.


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