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Rome Central Station Termini. It does not matter if you have to take a train, if you want to go to the airport, take a day trip or change from one subway line to another. Rome’s central station, the Stazione Roma Termini, is very important in Rome. In order for you to fully understand Rome’s Termini main station, I would like to give you a brief introduction to Rome’s main train station.

Rome central station Termini outside

Rome Main Station Termini: Information and tips about the Stazione Roma Termini

The Roma Termini train station is the main railway station of Rome, the largest in Italy (followed by Milano Centrale and Torino Porta Nuova) and the fifth largest in Europe in terms of passenger traffic. In concrete terms, this means 225,000 square meters in total, around 480,000 visitors and 850 trains per day.

The main station Roma Termini is a so-called head station. That means, the trains do not go through the station, but only in one direction from the Termini. Access to the tracks is only possible with a ticket. Roma Termini is the only stopover in the historical center of the city, in Piazza dei Cinquecento, and owes its name to the nearby spa of Diocletian.

Location of Rome’s main station Termini

Termini Station is located in the aforementioned Piazza dei Cinquecento, between Via Marsala and Via Giovanni Giolitti, in the center of Rome. If you are in Piazza dei Cinquecento and look directly at Termini Station, then turn right at the station, Via Marsala and on the left, Via Giolitti.


The ground floor of Rome’s main station

When you enter the station from Piazza dei Cinquecento, you first enter the large entrance hall. There, you will find the ticket office and get into the so-called Galleria Centrale, a simple pedestrian connection between Via Marsala and Via Giolitti. It offers mainly services for travelers and passers-by, attractive shopping, restaurants and fast food for every need. There is also an entrance to the station on each side. Behind the Galleria Centrale, you will gain access to the heart of the train station, which is the total of 32 tracks that Rome’s central station has.

Rome central station Termini entire

The basement of Rome’s main station

In the basement of the station, once a symbol of the degradation of the complex, the Forum Termini was built. A service center that offers a huge commercial offer. 14,000 square meters of shops of every kind, which makes the station attractive to non-travelers.

More importantly, here in the basement of Rome’s Termini Central Station, you also get access to the Rome Metro. Termini Central Station is the only station where metro lines A and B intersect.

That’s why it is such an important transportation hub for anyone traveling by public transport in Rome.

Rome central station Termini sign

In addition, in the basement you will find a small supermarket and toilets (via the entrances of Via Marsala and Via Giolitti).

This service is available at Rome Central Station

  • Travel agency
  • Bank
  • ATM
  • exchange office
  • Information and service center
  • left-luggage office
  • pharmacy
  • Car rental
  • parking spot
  • railway police
  • toilets
  • supermarket
  • post office

Rome central train station Termini signs

Airport Transfer: Connections from Rome Main Station to the airport

The shuttle buses to Rome’s two airports (Ciampino and Fiumicino) also depart from Termini central station. Terravision buses leave from Via Giolitti. The buses of the other known shuttle bus provider Sit Bus depart from Via Marsala 5.

Another popular connection is the so-called Leonardo Express, a non-stop service that connects Rome Termini Station to Rome Fiumicino Airport in just 32 minutes, departing from tracks 23 and 24 every 15 minutes (sometimes every 30/45 minutes). Thus, the Leonardo Express is the fastest direct connection of the Roma Termini station to Rome Fiumicino Airport.

ROME_Leonardo express-entrance

The main long-distance connections from the main station Roma Termini

Rome Central Station is an important transport hub in Italy that connects many major cities: Florence, Bologna, Milan, Venice and Napoli. Fast trains called Freccia Rossa travel at up to 300km / h and bring you from Rome in less than an hour to Naples, or non-stop in 3 hours to Milan.

Rome central station Termini entrance hall

The intercity from Rome to Trieste, Perugia / Ancona, Taranto, Bari, Florence and Salerno is a bit slower. The Tirrenica Sud line connects Rome with Calabria and Sicily.

International night trains also stop at Rome Central Station. The ÖBB Nightjet (Rome – Florence – Salzburg – Munich or Rome – Florence – Bologna – Vienna) or the French-Italian Thello (Paris – Florence – Rome).

The following regional trains leave from Rome Central Station

If you are planning on staying not only in Rome, but also on a few day trips to the surrounding area, then the regional trains leaving from Roma Termini main station could be quite interesting. Here is an overview of the trains and their respective route.


The line FL4 of the regional train goes from Roma Termini to the southeast via Capannelle to Ciampino. Attention: this is not the airport, but the homonymous village near it. The line is divided into three different routes:

  • Roma-Frascati: Ciampino – Frascati
  • Roma-Laziale: Ciampino – Acqua Acetosa – Sassone – Pantanella – Marino
  • Laziale – Castel Gandolfo – Villetta – Albano Laziale
  • Roma-Velletri: Ciampino – Casabianca – Santa Maria delle Mole – Pavona –
  • Cancelliera – Cecchina – Lanuvio – San Gennaro – Sant’Eurosia – Velletri


If you want to go to the sea, or to the ferry port in Civitavecchia, then the FL5 is the right regional line for you. Not only that, it will also take you to the Vatican, Trastevere and the Etruscan city of Cerveteri:

Roma Termini – Roma Tuscolana – Roma Ostiense – Roma Trastevere – Roma San Pietro – Roma Aurelia – Maccarese-Fregene – Torre in Pietra-Palidoro – Ladispoli-Cerveteri – Marina di Cerveteri – Santa Severa – Santa Marinella – Civitavecchia


The FL6 covers the southeast and brings you via Frosinone to Cassino:

Roma Termini – Capannelle – Ciampino – Tor Vergata – Colle Mattia – Colonna Galleria – Zagarolo – Labico – Valmontone – Colleferro-Segni-Paliano – Anagni-Fiuggi – Sgurgola – Morolo – Ferentino-Supino – Frosinone – Ceccano – Castro-Pofi-Vallecorsa – Ceprano-Falvaterra – Isoletta-San Giovanni Incarico – Roccasecca – Piedimonte Villa Santa Lucia-Aquino – Cassino


The FL7 goes south. It stops for example in Latina, the second largest city of Lazio, which was realized as a planned city during fascism and connects Rome’s central station with the picturesque seaside town of Sperlonga.

Roma Termini – Torricola- Pomezia-Santa Palomba – Campoleone – Cisterna di Latina – Latina – Sezze Romano – Priverno-Fossanova – Monte San Biagio – Fondi-Sperlonga – Itri – Formia-Gaeta


With the FL8 you also reach the sea, more precisely in the coastal town of Anzio:

Roma Termini – Torricola – Pomezia-Santa Palomba – Campoleone – Aprilia – Campo di Carne – Padiglione – Lido di Lavinio – Villa Claudia – Marechiaro – Anzio Colonia – Anzio – Nettuno

Intra-urban connections from Rome Central Station

Above all, here are the two metro lines to call, but drive from the large piazza in front of the main station not only taxis, but also many important buses. You can find these bus lines in front of Rome Central Station: C2, C3, H, M, 16, 38, 40, 64, 75, 82, 85, 90, 92, 105, 170, 175, 217, 310, 360, 649 , 714, 910 as well as the tram lines 5 and 14. In addition to the main railway station Termini there are two other important railway stations in Rome. Roma Tiburtina and Roma Ostiense. Both are well connected to Rome’s main train station by metro line B.

ROME_Taxi-waiting line_Termini

You see Termini, Rome’s main train station is much more than just the interchange station to get from Metro A to Metro B or the airport.

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