Taxis Rome: Airport transfer to city, rates and phone numbers

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Taxis Rome. If you plan on using a taxi in Rome, you should not miss reading this article. Here you will find information on taking a taxi in Rome, prices, how to use them and alternatives to taxis in Rome.


Taking a taxi in Rome: Tips and information on taxis in Rome

Taking a taxi in Rome works slightly differently than elsewhere. There are two main differences:

  • You can’t hire a taxi on the streets. You need to directly approach a taxi stand or hire a radio taxi.
  • You have to pay in order for the taxi to come and pick you up.

Taxis Rome: How do taxis in Rome look like?

Tourist scams when using a taxi in Rome: Tourists arriving at the train station or the airport in Rome are often offered a taxi ride. You should not accept these offers! Shady things could happen to you and most often you are asked to pay a lot more than with official taxis.

How do I recognise a taxi in Rome? Official taxis in Rome are white of color, carry a taxi sign on the roof, a badge saying “Comune di Roma” and a have clearly visible licence plate. The licence number can be found inside the car. My advice: write down the licence number before you start your ride in case you encounter any problems or forget a personal item inside the car.

Taxi Rome

In addition, taxis in Rome carry phone numbers of the radio center on their car doors as well as the name used for their registration in the radio center.

Book a taxi in Rome: Radio centers for taxis in Rome

Public transport in Rome can be quite uncomfortable if you want to get back to your hotel late at night. But bars and restaurants are happy to call a taxi for you.

Taxi Rome white

As an alternative you can call one of the following radio centres by yourself. However, in the evening and when it is raining taxis are often overbooked and you might have to wait for a long time.

Taxi Rome Colosseo

When calling a radio center you are asked for your pick-up location and your last name. Once the radio centre has found an available taxi an automatic announcement will inform you about the waiting time until pick-up and the identification consisting of a name and a number of the taxi picking you up. For example, this could be “Pippo 12 picking you up in 5 Minutes”. In Italian the announcement would be: “Pippo dodici arriva tra cinque minuti”.

Phone numbers taxi radio centres in Rome: Call a taxi in Rome

  • +39 06 5551: Quality and service are important to the association Samarcanda. However, they have relatively few taxi cars.
  • Call +39 06 3570: This is the biggest radio center for taxis in Rome. They also offer cars suitable for wheelchairs.
  • +39 06 4994: This taxi company disposes of many vehicles.

In any case, once the taxi arrives, the price for your pick-up will be already displayed inside the car.

Taxis hired on the Internet

If you want to hire a taxi in Rome, a good alternative can be the application MyTaxi. MyTaxi lets you easily hire a taxi via the Internet. Passenger transport via Uber is forbidden for private individuals. Hence, Uber rents cars from limousine services, meaning rental cars with drivers. The quality of these cars is high and the service is very good. But keep in mind that this service is more expensive than official taxis.

Taxis in Rome: Useful tips for taxi stands in Rome

There are in total 65 taxi stands in Rome. In general, there are easy to find, especially in the city center and near famous squares such as Piazza Venezia, Piazza del Popolo, Piazza Barberini, near the Parliament and the Colosseo.

Taxis Rome italy

Taxis Rome: Airport to city transfer via taxi in Rome

As said before, you should not accept taxi services that are offered to you inside of the Terminal. Official taxis are located outside of the airport terminal near signposted taxi stands.

ROME_Taxi-waiting line_Termini

Taxis Rome termini station

There are fixed prices for the taxi transfer from the airport to the city center in Rome. The city center is defined by the Aurelian Wall, which includes the first district and the area surrounding the Vatican. For areas outside the Aurelian Wall, taxi companies charge higher prices.

Taxi Rome Fiumicino: Prices for the transfer from Fiumicino Airport to the city center in Rome

The fixed prices for the taxi transfer from Fiumicino Airport to the city center in Rome are the following:

  • City center within the Aurelian Wall: 48 euros
  • Ostiense train station: 45 euros
  • Tiburtina train station: 55 euros
  • Airport Ciampino: 50 euros
  • Civitavecchia Harbor: 120 euros
  • Parco dei Medici: 30 euro
  • Exhibition and Convention center: 25 euros
  • Maximum fare for a ride inside of the Ring Road: 70 euros

Taxi Rome Ciampino: Prices for the transfer from Ciampino Airport to the city center in Rome

You can sometimes encounter difficulties finding a taxi that brings you from the Ciampino Airport to the city center in Rome. Only a few vehicles are available because the transfer is not very profitable for the taxis. Especially in the evening it is thus advisable to share a taxi with other tourists. The ride might be a bit more expensive then, but it is a better solution than waiting for the next available car.


The fixed prices for the taxi transfer from Ciampino Airport to the city center in Rome are the following:

  • City Center within the Aurelian Wall: 30 euros
  • Ostiense train station: 30 euros
  • Tiburtina train station: 35 euros
  • Airport Fiumicino: 50 euros

Taxis in Rome: Alternatives to taxis in Rome

One alternative to taxis in Rome are licensed rental cars with a driver. They carry a badge saying NCC and an emblem of their district of origin. NCC means “Noleggio con conducente”, meaning rental with driver. These vehicles can be ordered online for your airport transfer to the city center or a city sightseeing tour through the Italian capital to discover the most famous sightseeing spots. They can also be hired via Uber.


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