Tips and Travel information to Rome: How do I get to Rome?

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Tips & travel information Rome. How do I get to Rome – Travel information: Many visitors arrive in Rome by plane. For most of them this is the fastest and most convenient way to travel. However, there are also trains you can take. This is particularly interesting for those living in Austria, Switzerland or southern Germany. Some people even undertake the long journey to Rome by car.

Tips & travel information Rome: This is how you get there!

1. Traveling to Rome by plane

Traveling to Rome by plane is for many visitors the easiest option. Rome has two airports: the big airport Fiumicino and the smaller airport Ciampino. Both are situated outside of Rome so you have to take into account the travel between the airport and the city center.

There are several flights to Rome from main cities all over the world. But there are more and more flights from smaller airports as well. Flying from Berlin to Rome for example takes 2 hours, non-european tourists travel longer. However, you have to add the transfer time from the airport to Rome as mentioned before.


2. Traveling to Rome by train

Traveling to Rome by train has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s not for everyone the fastest way to spend a few days in Rome. It is especially interesting for those who live next to Italy, for example in Austria, Switzerland and perhaps southern Germany.


Train tickets are not very expensive in Italy, so you may find cheap offers on the internet. The DB (Deutsche Bahn) offers a special Europe ticket from 39 euros for those who book early in advance. From Innsbruck it is a 6 hour ride by train to central Rome. The advantage of traveling by train is that you arrive directly in the city center. Most trains arrive at Termini, the main railway station in Rome, or at Tiburtina which is smaller than Termini but also connected to the metro system.

3. Traveling to Rome by car

Traveling by car provides yet another way to get into the Italian capital. However, it is not the best option if you want to travel to Rome fast and comfortably. The streets in Rome are chronically congested and parking is scarce. This only adds to the notorious style of Roman driving which often exasperates outsiders! If you’re still keen on taking the car to Rome, make sure to book a hotel with parking or choose a car park ahead of time.

4. Traveling to Rome by bus

Intercity buses are constantly expanding their network. Due to the cheap prices for national and international travels, they are becoming a real competition to trains and airplanes. With Rome being a very popular destination, you can choose from many international offers from established long-distance travel agencies. The bus journey from Germany to Rome takes very long, but price-wise it is very attractive! A normal ticket from Zürich to Rome, for instance, costs 20 to 30 euro. All Intercity buses arrive at Tiburtina which is in the eastern part of Rome and served by the metro.

There are many ways to travel to Rome. You have to decide which one fits you best. For some help, you can check out the website which gives you the fastest and cheapest way to travel from your home town to Rome. The website compares travel times by plane, train, bus and car.


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