Papal audience and masses with the Pope: Registration, program & entry

Papal mass and audience in Rome: The Vatican is the seat of the papacy and thus the center of the Catholic Church. For many people, the Vatican City belongs to their holiday program in Rome. They can visit the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica with its impressive dome. If you want to meet the Pope, you can participate in a papal audience or mass in Rome.

How to participate in a papal mass in the Vatican: All information!

In order to participate in a mass led by the Pope in person you have to reserve a seat in advance. One exception is the yearly Good Friday mass at the Colosseum for which no ticket reservation is necessary.


The schedule for the papal masses in Rome can be found at the Prefecture of the Papal Household. You can reserve tickets there or at the pilgrim center. The papal mass is very much in demand and to secure your seat, you should book in advance as soon as possible!

Rules for the papal audience and visitors

If you want to participate in a papal audience, you need to follow some rules. The dress code prescribes that shoulders and knees must be covered. It is furthermore prohibited to bring glass bottles or knives into the church.

Information about the general audience in the Vatican

A private audience with the Pope is a privilege reserved to few people. However, a general audience is held by the Pope every Wednesday if he’s in Rome.


It takes place on St. Peter’s square or, if weather conditions are bad, in the audience hall Paolo VI which opened in 1971. The general audience usually begins at 10 am, however the Pope can already be seen around 9:30 am when he arrives in his popemobile among the crowd of believers.

Papal audience for newlyweds in Rome

Newlyweds have the special opportunity to attend the papal audience in Rome up to 3 months after their wedding. They are assigned special seats during the audience.


To participate as a new married couple, it is necessary to fill an application. This is not a problem as you may think. But it gets more tricky once you have to appear in your wedding dress to claim your reserved seats!

Live broadcast of the papal audience in Rome

If you like to attend the papal audience from home, you can follow a coverage on the TV channel of the Vatican. The audience is always broadcasted live.

Papal audience: Program and registration

To participate in a general audience with the Pope in Rome, it is almost always necessary to register in advance. The website of the Prefecture of the Papal Household provides information about the general audience and tells you whether a registration is required or not. You can reserve tickets for the papal audience at the prefecture or on the internet site of the pilgrim center in Rome. The only way to get a good view in the front rows is to arrive early. By the way, the audience tickets are free. You may find ticket offers for which you have to pay for. But if they include nothing more than the entry, then it’s most likely a scam. Be careful!

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