13. March 2018

Colosseum Rome: Tickets & Admission fees

If you want to visit the Coliseum in Rome, you will find all the useful information about Coliseum tickets and entrance fees in this article. I hope these lines will help you prepare for your Rome vacation! The Coliseum in Rome is often the first point of interest for Rome visitors, as it is the Roman tourist attraction that most know without having ever been to Rome. The Coliseum in Rome is like the Eiffel Tower for Paris, a landmark directly linked to Rome.

Colosseum Tickets and Admission Overview

As you may have learned in other major cities on previous trips, you should not visit the most famous sights of a well-visited city just like that, completely unprepared. Because you are almost never alone, many other tourists want to see well-known attractions such as the Coliseum in Rome and that often means a lot of rush, long waiting times and little space to visit the sight quite relaxed and extensively.


Coliseum Tickets: How To Buy Tickets For The Coliseum In Rome!

The Colosseum can be visited 363 days a year, you can get more information in my article on the opening hours of the Coliseum in Rome. You have the opportunity to visit the Coliseum individually, in a group, with the school and with or without a Coliseum tour.


Coliseum Tickets: Entrance fee for individual tourists

If you visit the Colosseum individually, the normal price for adults is currently 12 Euros. Young people between the ages of 18 and 25 from the EU pay the discounted entrance fee of 7,50 euros. Children and adolescents under the age of 18, regardless of their origin, have free access to the Coliseum in Rome, as persons with disabilities and accompanying persons.

Here in the table you can see the latest prices for Coliseum tickets:

VisitorEntry Fee
Adult12 Euro
Adolescents 18-25 years (EU)7,50 Euro
Children & Adolescents under 18 yearsfree
Persons with disabilities (including 1 accompanying person)free

Coliseum Tickets: Entrance fee for groups & reservation info

If you would like to visit the Coliseum in a group, you must register in advance via the website of the Coliseum or by phone. The numbers for reservations in the Coliseum in Rome can be found here (in Italian):

  • Individual tourists: +39 06 399 67 700
  • Groups: +39 06 399 67 450
  • School groups: +39 06 399 67 200

These lines are open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 1pm and from 2pm to 5pm, on Saturdays you can reach the staff from 9am to 2pm.

The reservation fee for school groups up to a maximum of 50 people is 15 euros, other non-school groups pay 28 euros to reserve a certain time for the visit of the Coliseum. In addition, a fee of 2 euros per person will be charged at the ticket office. Groups must arrive at the Colosseum 30 minutes before the time on the ticket.


Before your visit to the Coliseum you have to register a group of 14 people up to a maximum of 50 people in advance. After the payment you will receive a payment receipt and your reservation with a reservation number. Both must be presented to the ticket office on the day of your visit at the entrance to the Coliseum. In addition, a sheet with the names of all participants and their date of birth is required. These must be printed on official paper of the company, the organizer or the school. Be sure to remember all these documents, because if you do not have this list, you will be asked to join the normal group.


Groups with less than 14 participants will go directly to the normal group entrance of the Coliseum, groups of more than 14 participants will be welcomed at the new star entrance “Colosseo Turno Gruppi Stern”. Important for non-school groups: With a reservation you pay the fee of 28 euros plus 14 tickets of 12 euros, so you get a price of 196 euros. The rest will be charged at the counter on the spot.

5 things you should know about Colosseum tickets!

1. Colosseum Tickets are combined tickets!

All Coliseum tickets are combined tickets, which means they grant you not only admission to the Coliseum, but also to the Roman Forum and the Palatine. You can also visit the temporary art exhibition in the Coliseum with the Coliseum Ticket. Important: Each of these sights may only be visited once!

2. Colosseum Tickets are valid for 2 days!

In order for you to create all these Rome attractions and have plenty of time and do not waste your time on vacation, Colosseum tickets are always valid for two days. Small note: At the ticket offices on the street that leads from the Coliseum towards the Roman Forum, there is another point of sale for tickets near the Forum Romanum. There is usually less going on there than at the Coliseum!

3. Colosseum Tickets can be purchased on site or in advance on the Internet!

You can buy the normal tickets for the Coliseum in Rome directly at the entrance to the attraction at the ticket office. The entrance fees listed above in the table apply. The waiting times at the ticket offices of the Coliseum in Rome are often very long. If you want to avoid the long queues at the Coliseum, you have the opportunity to buy Coliseum tickets without waiting. That goes for example here:


These no-queuing tickets are more expensive than the regular tickets you can buy locally, but they save you a long wait and that’s why I find these tickets, like many others, very welcome! Another way to get tickets to the Coliseum is to visit the site of the attraction. For a fee of € 2, you can order Coliseum tickets there. The site is only available in Italian and English.

4. Colosseum Tickets: Visit the coliseum in Rome for free

Every first Sunday of the month, all visitors to the Coliseum in Rome have free admission. Then the waiting times are even longer than usual, I probably do not have to explain you extra! One of the reasons for this is that for security reasons, no more than 3,000 people are allowed to go into the Coliseum in Rome at the same time. Also important: On Sundays, when the access to the Coliseum in Rome is for free, no reservations and ticket orders are accepted!

5. Pay attention to controls at the entrance to the Colosseum

There are security checks at the entrance to the Colosseum in Rome. In the process, person checks take place, in which you are scanned. In addition, your luggage will be screened, too. It is important that you pack all items (including mobile phones and smartphones) in your pockets or your backpack, so that these items also pass through the controls.

What can I take to the Coliseum in Rome?

In the Coliseum in Rome some objects are prohibited. These include, above all, oversized backpacks, camping equipment, bulky bags and suitcases (including carry-on luggage). Small and medium-sized backpacks are allowed. These are searched at the entrance to the Coliseum during security checks. Also allowed are water bottles, cameras and food in normal dimensions.

Information about the audio guide in the Coliseum

Many tourists share their visit to the Colosseum in Rome and the opinions are usually identical: The waiting times are long, but it is really worthwhile to visit the Coliseum in Rome. And, what I also learned is that the audioguide for the Coliseum is very helpful, as you get lots of information and interesting explanations about the ancient amphitheater. The audioguide for the Coliseum is therefore worth the investment! It costs 5,50 euros per person and includes just over an hour of text, i.a. in German, English and French. For tickets without waiting for the Coliseum, there are also offers where the audio guide is already included.


In addition to the normal audio guide, visitors to the Colosseum in Rome also have an audio-video guide. It contains not only text, but on an iPod touch also pictures, videos and 3D reconstructions. The audio-video guide costs 6 euros and includes about 50 minutes of information about the Coliseum. It is available as the simple audio guide in different languages.

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